Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt
Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt
Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt
Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt
Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt
Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt
Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt

Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt

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New Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt is made to enhance your SUP and Wing Foil experiences.  The Kāohi "Black Belt'™ safely and comfortably facilitates the attachment of your wing or board leash.  We are keeping it simple! 

Kāohi "Black Belt™ Waist Belt helps you rip! 

Adjustable hook and loop connections
Heavy duty 1.5" x 48" comfortable nylon webbing construction
3 loops to hook your gear to (leashes/wings, etc)
Compatible with existing leash cuffs
No hard or rigid parts
Designed for Wing/SUP Foil and SUP Surfing

Kāohi Grip Leash™ sold separately

The New Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt fits the following waist sizes best - 34 to 40 inches.  Please don't order if you fall outside of these waist dimensions.  Contact us and we can possibly work out a custom solution.  Thank you.

Before purchasing Board Meeting USA/Kāohi Grip Leash products you must read the following found in our "Notices"

Board Meeting products, Kāohi Grip™ Leashes, Kāohi "Black Belt"™ waist belt and the Paddle Belt, are for convenience only and for use in sports that are considered and known to be dangerous; the user of any of these products assumes any and all risk inherent with the use of this product in such sports.  These products are not a replacement for swimming and/or surfing ability, surf and ocean knowledge, and/or common sense; ocean conditions are highly variable and dangerous;  the user of a Kāohi Grip Leash™ should release the Grip Handle in any such conditions that could lead to injury, including the Impact Zone of any wave.  The manufacturer and seller of these products assume no liability of any kind for any damage and/or any injury to the person or property of the buyer, user, or other individual associated with the use of this product.

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