Kāohi GRIP Leash™ - Continuous Coil 7 mm

Kāohi means Control

Kāohi Grip Continuous Coil 7 mm Leashis a go-to, everyday coil leash for Wing Foiling, Downwinding, SUP Foiling, SUP Surfing and SUP Racing. It’s designed for surfing a broad range of wave conditions, from small to chest high. The Continuous Coil minimizes leash drag, so your surfing and racing experience is more efficient. This 10 foot leash is available in your choice of Ankle or Calf Cuff.

Kāohi Continuous Coilleash features the Kāohi’spatented “Grip” rail-saver handle, that enables you to keep your board close to you in-between sets and in whitewater, and helps you to avoid others in the water and safely return to the line-up. Do not hold on to the Grip handle in the impact zone of any wave, as described in our product Notices; let your Kāohi Grip Leash™ do its job!

Kāohi  Grip Railsaver for added Control:

  • Patented Railsaver Handle stays open and easy to grab
  • Neoprene handle is comfortable and durable
  • Enhances control of your board; keeps it close in between sets and in whitewater
  • Enables board riders to hang onto board with one hand, with other hand free or for Paddle/Wing
  • Designed specifically for Foil, Wing, SUP, Surf; US Patent 10,737,750 B2
  • Not for use in the impact zone; let the leash do its job - read Notices on this site before purchasing

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