Our Story


 Wing Foilers... Hydro Foil Surfers... Stand Up Paddlers...
SUP Racers...SUP Surfers...Surfers... Long Boarders...
SUP Fishermen...
We're all striving to get the most out of every session
on the water, at each Board Meeting™

Here at Board Meeting USA™, LLC, our innovative products are designed to help you Ride More Waves and Catch More Fish!  It's that simple. We're simplifying surfboard riding by design.

Kāohi Grip Leashes™ are designed and/or Made in the USA, featuringa Rail-Saver Grip Handle for better control of your board.  
The Kāohi Grip Leash™ - Straight is designed for Foil Boarders, Surfers, Long Boarders, Foil Boarder and SUP Surfers.
TheKāohi Leash - Double Coils are designed not to tangle and are also great for Wing/SUP Foiler, Surfers, SUP Surfers, Paddle Racing and Prone Foil Boarders. 
New Kāohi "Black Belt"™ Waist Belt is made to enhance your SUP and Wing Foil experiences.  The Kāohi "Black Belt'™ safely and comfortably facilitates the attachment of your wing or board leash.  We are keeping it simple! 
Our Paddle Belt™ - paddle leash gives paddle surfers and paddle fishermen control of your paddle when it matters most: when you're busy doing other things and don't want to hold it.  
By securing your paddle at your side with the Paddle Belt™, your hands are free to prone-paddle out through whitewater, reel in that fish, or swim efficiently after a break-away board.


Our products have been tested in Hawaii, California, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Mexico, France, Indonesia, Costa Rica, UK, Panamá, Fiji, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon and Florida for starters.

The Kāohi Grip Leash™, Kāohi Black Belt™ and the Paddle Belt™ were designed and developed in Encinitas, California by a local, well traveled surfer who loves and honors the traditional, yet eagerly explores new boundaries of paddling sports.  Who'd have thought riding mushy high tide waves would be awesome? Time to go Foiling!  

Just like our relentless search for the perfect ride, we're driven to bring Board Riders new products to make your Board Meetings better.

Coming soon: More innovations for Wing Foiling, Surfing, Hydro Foilers, and SUP'ers of all types... stay tuned! 

Enjoy your Board Meetings.