Kāohi Leash™ - Straight 5.5 mm


Kāohi   means control

NEW!   Kāohi Straight 5.5 mm also available in
Blue,  Green  & Pink!!

Kāohi Straight 5.5 mm Leashis the fast-action comp and performance leash you need for serious shredding. It’s lightweight, durable and dependable for use in waves up to chest high.

Option of either an Ankle or Calf cuff, made with cushioned Neoprene for an extra comfortable fit.

Available in 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot lengths, the Kaohi Straight 5.5 mm is geared specifically for Foilers and Surfers. Young rippers also love this leash! Get ready to crush it!

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