Paddle Belt™ - Paddle Leash - Secures your Paddle!

  • Kāohi means Control

    The Paddle Belt™ secures your Paddle when you need your hands free, making it a key tool for SUP Surfers, SUP boarders and SUP Foilers.

    Nothing ruins a surf session more than chasing down a wayward paddle, or worse yet, losing a paddle for good.

    Use the Paddle Belt during hands-free activities such as prone paddling, taking photos, adjusting gear, eating lunch, or SUP fishing.

    Controlling your paddle with the Paddle Belt:

    - Snug the Paddle Belt around your waist

    - Insert paddle handle through Paddle Belt Loop

    - Secure adjustable slider down TIGHTLY against paddle neck; Tight Loop = Secure Paddle

    - REMOVE paddle from Paddle Belt while actively Foiling, SUP paddling or SUP surfing

    Do Not Use the Paddle Belt in the Impact Zone of any wave; see Terms and Conditions

    Designed for light duty use

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